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$300,000 Settlement in V.A. Hospital Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Steve WoodleyTom Neill

Gray Ritter Graham attorneys Steve Woodley and Tom Neill recently settled a complex case involving the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). The lawsuit was brought by the mother of a veteran who died following complications from a surgery and hospitalization at the Harry S. Truman V.A. Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. While the case involved both medical malpractice and wrongful death, because it also involved a V.A. hospital, it was necessary to file a Federal Tort Claim with the Veterans Administration. After the V.A. denied the claim, Mr. Woodley and Mr. Neill were able to file the lawsuit in federal court in Jefferson City, Missouri. Shortly after the case was mediated, it settled for $300,000. The case is Mayfield v. United States of America, USDC, WDMO, Cause No. 10-4143-CV-C-NKL.