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Almost One out of Four Commercial Trucks in Recent Inspection Effort Received Failing Grades

By August 29, 2014July 5th, 2018Car & Truck Accidents

Truck inspection (2).jpgIn a recent three-day event of random trucking safety inspections, almost one out of every four commercial trucks failed stringent inspection standards.

In June 2014, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), a not-for-profit group promoting safe trucking in North America, conducted its annual Roadcheck event. The event features inspectors conducting roadside inspections of tractor trailers in Missouri, Illinois, and throughout North America. The results were released in August 2014.

This year’s Roadcheck conducted 73,475 inspections, about two-thirds of which were North American Standard Level I inspections. These are the most exhaustive type of truck inspections, involving 37 different examinations. Inspectors reviewed drivers’ records, such as hours-of-service data, as well as signs of alcohol or drug use. The trucks underwent a rigorous inspection as well, including brakes, steering, tires, and checking to see if a truck’s cargo was loaded unsafely.

Twenty three percent of the trucks receiving these inspections failed. They were given Out-of-Service vehicle violations, meaning the truck maintenance issues were so serious the trucks were pulled off the road immediately. Another 5 percent were sidelined due to significant truck driver safety violations.

This year’s CVSA Roadcheck also focused on safety issues dealing with truckers hauling hazardous cargo. About 5,700 inspections involving hazardous cargo were conducted, with 16percent of these tractor trailers receiving Out-of-Service vehicle violations. Another 3 percent failed because of truck driver violations.

Truck driver error and negligent maintenance of their big rigs are two of the leading causes of fatal trucking accidents. As this recent inspection event shows, these dangers persist in a significant number of tractor trailers on the road.

If a family member has been a victim of a catastrophic accident involving a commercial truck, you may wish to consult an attorney experienced in conducting trucking accidents to determine those responsible and pursue just compensation on your behalf.