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How to avoid a truck accident

By September 30, 2016June 21st, 2018Articles, Personal Injury, Personal Injury Article

Truck accidents often end with devastating consequences – for both the driver and surrounding motorists. As a result, it is imperative to practice safe driving techniques. There are a few ways to help keep the roads accident free. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides a few pointers.

Maintenance. It is imperative that you inspect your truck before each trip. Pay close attention to brakes and check them regularly for defects. Before taking the road, be sure to repair any issues that come forward.

Bind spots. Be aware of areas known as no-zones. It is difficult to spot cars hidden in the truck’s blind spot. For this reason, watch out for drivers that may be tucked away. The FMCSAreports that one-third of accidents between trucks and vehicles take place in the area where sight is blinded.

Work zones. Slow down in construction or work zones. Highway construction might present challenges for trucks. Narrowed spaces, poor road conditions and fewer lanes can make driving cramped. Therefore, take your time and progress through areas at lower speeds. Make room for other vehicles, too.

Distance. It is also crucial to keep a safe distance between the truck and other vehicles. Remember, hitting a person from behind can place the truck driver at fault. Moreover, larger vehicles require more stopping time than smaller cars on the road. As a result, look ahead and try to anticipate stops.

Defensive driving. It is especially helpful to avoid aggressive drivers. Road rage can evolve quickly on a busy road. In fact, FMCSA notes that two-thirds of traffic deaths result from aggressive driving practices. So, stay calm behind the wheel. Do not let anger or frustrations impair your safe driving techniques.

Personal care: The most vital thing you can do as a truck driver is take care of yourself. Truck drivers should have ample rest before long trips. It also helps to eat well and stay in good shape. Rest is also crucial. If you are a not alert, a truck accident is more likely to occur.

These tips can help all motorists maintain solid operational practices. If truckers are not alert and attentive on the road, a serious accident may occur. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, speak with a professional. A personal injury law attorney has knowledge regarding accidents and mishaps. A lawyer can help you move forward with your life – legally, physically, financially and emotionally – after an accident.