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Product Liability Cases

**$6.5 million settlement for man sprayed by sulfuric acid when defective discharge hose ruptured in the workplace.

**$4.5 Million verdict for family of 20-year old man who died while asleep as a result of an explosion caused by a natural gas leak.

**Jury awards $2.325 million to three families, as a result of two injuries and a death allegedly caused by stray voltage from a 7,200 volt Ameren UE distribution line. This is the first known reported case in the U.S. where a utility has been successfully sued as a result of injury or death due to stray voltage from a high voltage line buried in a lake.

**Suit over contact lens solution filed.

**Confidential settlement for permanently disabling and disfiguring injuries to client’s head and face sustained when a Connecticut Valley Arms .50-caliber muzzleloader exploded when fired.

Confidential settlement for death of young man who was electrocuted after coming into contact with a municipal high voltage transmission line which should have been deactivated.

**Settlement with gun maker for injuries sustained when a hunting rifle accidentally discharged without the trigger being pulled.

Confidential settlement of claim for severe burns to a 36-year-old man following gas explosion in a home resulting from deteriorating underground gas supply lines.

Confidential settlement for severe injury to a child and the deaths of her sister and uncle following failure of a “sky ride” at an amusement park due to defective design and maintenance.

Jury verdict in products liability action for equipment design defect which resulted in partial loss of four toes on one foot.

Confidential settlement for a 9-year-old boy who was severely burned and disfigured, including loss of facial features and amputation of fingers when a gas can exploded. Case involved dangerous and defective design of the spout of the can.

Confidential settlement of claim for injuries to a father and two minor children and the death of the mother and one minor child due to seat belt failure in their Toyota sedan.

Confidential settlement in a case involving devastating injuries to a 3-year-old following the failure of suture material during open-heart surgery.

Confidential settlement for families in a case involving multiple deaths resulting from a highway rollover crash involving a Toyota SUV.

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