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Defective Gas Can Responsible for Burn Injuries and Deaths?

A recent NBC News report puts the spotlight on a potentially deadly consumer product owned by millions of people in this country: a red plastic gas can.

According to the report, over 1,000 significant burn injuries and 11 deaths can be attributed to exploding portable plastic gas containers over the last 15 years. And the explosions may occur without any type of negligent behavior by the user.

The news report cites testing that shows gas vapor can build up in red plastic gas cans and then explode. Such explosions are termed “flashbacks,” and numerous tests have confirmed their very real possibility.

The testing has determined that even just a little gas left in the container can cause a dangerous explosion. Gas vapor that leaves the container can be ignited by static electricity or some other spark source. The ignited vapor travels back into the can, causing the air and gas inside to combust and cause a potentially catastrophic explosion.

This dangerous phenomenon raises questions about the product’s safety. Is it an unsafe, defective product or were the thousands of individuals burned because of their own careless mistakes? The NBC News report includes numerous injured victims who say they did nothing wrong. The various testing efforts seem to bolster their claims.

Burns are among the worst injuries a person can suffer, causing tremendous pain for a long period of time. The treatment for burns can be excruciating as well. Often times the treatment does not prevent the victim’s death.

Designers, manufacturers and sellers can be held legally accountable for the injuries and fatalities their defective products cause, whether they’re automobiles, medical devices or plastic gas cans. If you or a loved one has been catastrophically harmed by a faulty product, an experienced attorney can help obtain the compensation you deserve from the responsible parties.