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Despite Recognizing Dangers, Many U.S. Drivers Still Act Carelessly

By February 25, 2015July 3rd, 2018Car & Truck Accidents

red light.jpgWhile one out of every three people in the United States reportedly has a family member who was seriously injured or killed in a car accident, a great number of Americans continue to drive carelessly.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety this month released its 2014 Traffic Safety Culture Index, which measures the mindset of the nation’s drivers. This latest report is the seventh from the organization, whose mission is to identify and provide answers to America’s top traffic safety concerns.

Dangerous Driving Behaviors

The study included 2,700 licensed drivers. Besides the revelation that nearly one-third of them lost a friend or loved one in a fatal car wreck, other findings include:

• Almost three out of four drivers surveyed said that running a red light is completely unacceptable. But 35 percent admitted to doing so within the past month.

• 84 percent said texting and driving was also completely unacceptable, yet 43.5 percent acknowledged doing this very dangerous behavior in the last 30 days

• Eight of 10 drivers in the survey said that drowsy driving was completely unacceptable; 29 percent, however, said they drove tired in the last 30 days

The organization also found that drowsy drivers are involved in more fatal accidents than originally thought. Previous federal government statistics said that about 3 percent of all fatal accidents each year involve fatigued drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety did its own research and came up with much higher figures. In a study released last year, it estimated that, for the years 2009 through 2013, drowsy drivers were involved in 21 percent of America’s fatal crashes, or about 6,400 each year.

Given the evidence, it’s clear that most drivers recognize dangerous behaviors, yet many still engage in them. If you lost a family member in a fatal car accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, an attorney experienced in motor vehicle accident investigations can pursue your legal rights.

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