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According to a nationwide survey of medical professionals, patient misdiagnosis happens relatively frequently. QuantiaMD, the largest mobile and online physician community, last year surveyed 6,400 medical providers, and 47 percent of those said they encounter diagnosis errors at least monthly; 3 percent said they see such errors most days

A majority - 64% - said that up to 10 percent of the misdiagnoses they saw resulted in patient harm. And almost all of the respondents (96 percent) said ...

Consumer fraud can take many forms, but in general it involves false or misleading claims in the marketing or selling of a product or service. Simply, the product or service does not perform as advertised. Hidden fees, overcharging, and all sorts of other "scams" and "rip-offs" reported on the local news are examples of consumer fraud.

Incidences of consumer fraud can be isolated, so that only a small number of individuals are hurt. But there are times when the issues of consumer fraud are complex, and ...

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person suffers pauses in breathing while asleep. The pauses can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, and can occur up to at least 30 times per hour. The result for an individual suffering from sleep apnea is a poor night's sleep and excessive sleepiness the next day. Sleep apnea is typically a chronic condition.

While it is a relatively common disorder, when a commercial truck driver suffers from it, the consequences can be devastating if the driver were to fall ...


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