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Thousands of motorists die each year in accidents caused by large trucks. Apparently this may not be a major concern to the trucking industry.

The American Transportation Research Institute recently released its annual list of the top 10 issues facing North America's trucking industry. The poll included responses from 4,000 trucking industry representatives; about 70 percent trucking companies and 30 percent truck drivers. Safety was the top concern - but not what the industry can do to ...

When you're paid by the mile, as most over-the-road truckers are, every second counts. The more miles they drive in a given amount of time, the more money truckers make. So any delays can hit them hard in the wallet, as well as put others on the road in danger from a negligent truck driver trying to make up for lost time.

Part of any trucker's work schedule involves waiting while his or her truck is loaded and unloaded. Since they're generally compensated by the mile, most over-the-road truckers don't get ...

Earlier this year, Gray Ritter Graham filed a Missouri consumer fraud class action lawsuit against General Motors over several of its makes and models that have a potentially deadly design defect. The cars have a defective ignition switch, which could make them lose power, affecting the vehicles' air bags, power steering, and brakes.

Consumers now have more defective automobiles with which to be concerned.

The Safety Institute, a not-for-profit organization focusing on ...


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