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Surgeons make mistakes in the operating room. And when they do, patients can be severely hurt.

Now there's a new tool that allows patients to see for themselves how often a doctor makes surgical errors before deciding whether or not to entrust him or her with their lives.

ProPublica, an independent and not-for-profit group of journalists, recently investigated the rate of surgical mistakes made in the United States by reviewing Medicare patient data from 2009 to 2013. The group examined errors ...

Among trucking accidents, rear-end collisions can be the most dangerous. The National Transportation Safety Board recently reviewed nine catastrophic rear-end crashes that occurred in the last three years and found 28 people were killed in them.

The agency now says it has an answer to preventing fatal rear-end collisions involving large trucks and passenger cars, which killed 2,700 people in 2011 and 2012 alone, and wants to take action.

Tractor Trailer Rear-End Collisions

In five of the nine ...

"Never events" - as in surgical mistakes that should never happen - continue to occur in hospitals across the country, including Missouri and Illinois. Two new studies attempt to explain what causes catastrophic surgery errors.

Examples of Surgical Mistakes

The Mayo Clinic recently released the findings of its research into how human behavior can lead to surgical mistakes. Researchers found 69 "never events" in the surgical procedures it reviewed over a five year ...

An annual nationwide truck inspection event was held June 2 - 4. While the results won't be known for some time, given past outcomes of the previous events and nationwide data on fatal truck accidents, we know there is a real need for safer semis.

"Roadcheck 2015" is the 28th such event conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a cooperative of North American safety officials. For 72 hours, 10,000 certified inspectors in the United States, Canada and Mexico conduct roadside inspections of ...

Now that summer is about here, amusement ride season is in full swing. Did you know that in Missouri, amusement rides must be state inspected to guard against wrongful death or catastrophic injuries?

In Missouri, What Amusement Rides Must be Inspected?

Defective amusement rides can be very dangerous. That's why Missouri's Division of Fire Safety is charged with overseeing the safety of amusement rides operated within the state. The division's amusement ride definition includes:

  • Any mechanical device ...

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