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Does the day you are admitted into a hospital raise the chances of you suffering a catastrophic medical error?

For years, medical researchers have studied what's called the hospital "weekend effect," to determine whether or not this long-suspected phenomenon actually exists. Studies indicate that those who enter a hospital on the weekend indeed do run a greater risk of receiving poorer care than patients admitted on weekdays.

This has been found especially true for cardiac, stroke ...

Heart surgeons are extremely skilled. However, evidence indicates a lack of communication and teamwork within operating teams, rather than skill, is responsible for most preventable surgical errors.

Numerous Studies Say Bad Teamwork Leads to Bad Surgical Outcomes

In 2013, the American Heart Association published a "scientific statement" in its publication titled, Circulation, with this conclusion. It cites several other studies, including:

• A 2006 study that found 17.4 ...


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