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Are narrowly avoided airliner accidents actually making commercial air travel less safe?

That's the concern a team of researchers have developed after studying years of commercial airliner "near misses."

The researchers, from Georgetown University and Brigham Young University, reviewed commercial airline data from 1990 to 2007 and recently published their findings online. They found that most of the time when an airliner accident was avoided, the outcome was considered a success.

But ...

A long-standing legal right in this country is under attack.

Class action lawsuits provide an effective legal remedy to those who have suffered similar harm due to the wrongful conduct of others. In many instances, the size of the damages may preclude individuals from pursuing justice on their own. But when pursued collectively by a group of hundreds if not thousands of wronged plaintiffs, the damages in total are significant and legal action becomes feasible.

Class Actions Level the Playing Field

In ...

Trucks and buses are involved in over 100,000 accidents each year and the federal government recently confirmed it knows how to identify the most likely offenders. The criteria the government uses in determining the most dangerous trucking and bus companies is worth reviewing.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is responsible for overseeing the nation's commercial vehicle safety, uses what is called the Safety Measurement System to evaluate the safety of truck and bus ...


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