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The St. Louis, Mo. suburb of Brentwood recently passed what some have called drastic steps to combat distracted driving. However, there is ample data that indicates such preventive actions may be increasingly necessary.

The new Brentwood measure outlaws drivers from looking into a mirror for grooming, inputting information into a GPS device, and reading anything other than the vehicle's gauges.

Dramatic? Consider this: A new survey shows that drivers are actually surfing the Web while ...

Following a $750 million settlement with Bayer Cropscience in multidistrict litigation centralized in the Eastern District of Missouri, the district court awarded fees to attorneys providing services for the common benefit of thousands of plaintiffs.   In an appeal by counsel found to have not provided common benefit services, the Eighth Circuit agreed with arguments of Gray Ritter Graham's Gretchen Garrison, finding that the appellant waived challenge to creation of the fund and affirmed the district court's discretion in determining fee awards and the process employed for ...

Gray Ritter Graham attorney Steve Woodley obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement in a medical malpractice case where a young woman became severely brain-damaged after a routine abdominal surgery. Case involved failure to detect and treat internal bleeding after the procedure, which led to hypoxia and brain injury.

Gray Ritter Graham attorneys Steve Woodley and Joan Lockwood obtained a confidential multi-million settlement on behalf of the survivors of five family members who were killed when their van was hit by a truck on the highway.

Why weren’t the power lines marked?  Why weren’t the power poles painted?  When a young Missouri family lost their father and husband in a helicopter crash, Gray Ritter Graham attorney Morry Cole conducted the trial that exposed the cause of the crash.  A rural electrical power cooperative had not placed high visibility marker balls on power lines spanning a river in mid-Missouri.  The lines were virtually invisible to pilots flying in the area.  Industry standards for conspicuity of the lines and power poles had not been followed and the helicopter struck the lines and crashed into the ...

Gray Ritter Graham attorney Pat Hagerty obtained a settlement from a St. Louis dentist in a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a woman whose husband underwent a dental procedure known as conscious sedation.   The 47-year-old man went to the dentist to get teeth extracted and receive dental implants.  The dentist, who was inexperienced with the dangerous sedation drugs, failed to recognize that the patient was suffering from oxygen deprivation during the procedure.

Gray Ritter Graham attorneys Tom Neill and Maurice Graham represented the parents of a 4-month-old girl who was given the wrong prescription at a Walmart pharmacy.  Fortunately, her immediate injuries were minimal, but she had a slight possibility of developing severe liver damage in the future.  On the morning of trial, Neill and Graham reached a creative settlement with the pharmacy.  Walmart agreed to pay the family $175,000 and, in the event that the young girl would develop liver problems in the future, Walmart would pay up to an additional $500,000.

In a multidistrict litigation, GRG attorney Don Downing and three co-lead counsel represent thousands of corn producers in numerous states across the country for their losses as a result of the market price drop of U.S. corn due to Syngenta defendants’ premature commercialization of corn seed products containing a genetic trait known as MIR 162 (varieties: Viptera and Duracade) which had not been approved in export markets such as China. Even though Syngenta defendants had been warned of the economic harm to the corn industry and the farmers, they went ahead in 2011 and ...


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