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Authored by: Gray Ritter Graham posted in Truck Accidents on Monday, March 21, 2016.

If the results of an event incorporating roadside inspections and heightened law enforcement are a true indication, more truckers are speeding - in bigger and heavier rigs.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its 2015 Operation Safe Driver Week in October 2015 and released its findings earlier this year. The CVSA is a non-profit group of various private concerns and federal, state and local agencies throughout North America who share the goal of making commercial vehicles safer. It has held ...

In terms of flying an airplane, takeoffs are usually routine matters. However, when a pilot makes a mistake and loses control of the aircraft, this routine task can turn catastrophic.

"Loss of control" is a type of aviation accident that is attributed to pilot error. At some point - either during takeoff, midflight or landing - the pilot made a physical or mental miscalculation and failed to maintain or regain control of the airplane. In general, such accidents are avoidable. It's the pilot's ...

When we purchase an item, it comes with an unspoken promise. Whether we are buying a car, a tire, a stove or even a medical product, we trust that what the manufacturer has made for us is safe. Yet defects in the manufacturing process can result in dangerous goods that jeopardize the health and safety of consumers.

Shortcuts in manufacturing are often made for calculated business reasons, such as minimizing production costs. But manufacturers are responsible for making sure that dangerous ...


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