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Medication errors are a leading cause of serious medical mistakes in this country. While drug errors can be dangerous for adult hospital patients, they can be even more catastrophic and frequent for hospitalized children.

A study in 2006 raised awareness of pediatric drug errors, also known as pediatric drug adverse reactions. The researchers reviewed patient records over a 10-year period at a teaching children's hospital. They studied incidences of hospitalized kids who suffered a serious ...

You may think an event called National Time Out Day has something to do with sports. It doesn't. It's actually an effort to help prevent a potentially fatal medical error that occurs in operating rooms in St. Louis and other cities throughout the country.

National Time Out Day is geared toward surgical teams, not athletic teams. Held this year on June 8, it's an annual reminder to medical providers about the need to take a "time out" just prior to surgery to eliminate deadly mistakes during surgery, such ...


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