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Hot air balloons offer an unparalleled view of the world around us. Balloon passengers float peacefully over landscapes in a woven wicker gondola, enjoying a view unattainable to most. Hot air balloons are an attractive draw for many who enjoy wine tours, proposals and other memorable events from the basket high in the air. But are they really safe?

A tragic balloon accident in Texas in late July has drawn new attention to the hazards of ballooning. Sixteen people were killed when their gondola ...

Labor Day marks the practical close of summer as students return to school and family vacations end. The long holiday weekend also, unfortunately, can bring a spike in catastrophic motor vehicle accidents in Missouri.

That's why the Show-Me State's top law enforcement agency is taking extra precautions to limit fatal car and truck accidents this upcoming Labor Day holiday.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has announced it will participate in Operation CARE from September 2 through ...

Driver error is the leading cause of fatal trucking accidents. Careless maintenance of big rigs is another significant contributor, which makes the results of a recent surprise set of truck inspections alarming.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a group of road safety experts throughout North America, last month released the findings of its unannounced truck brake inspection event held in May. The group checked approximately 6,000 commercial trucks and reported a high rate of failures due ...


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