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The overwhelming majority of physicians are highly skilled, ethical professionals, counted on to do the right thing. A new ethics study, however, reveals that a small number of physicians may not be so reliable.Medscape, a healthcare industry website, recently released its "2016 Ethics Report." It surveyed some 7,500 physicians. A bi-annual effort, the 2016 report includes comparisons to previous years.

One question asked if doctors ever felt it okay to hide a medical error that could harm a patient. The good news is that more than three-quarters of the physicians said it was never ...

Thanks to a new federal rule, we may have fewer truck drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Missouri. But we will have to wait three more years.

Today, all truck drivers (anyone operating a vehicle that requires a commercial driver's license) may undergo drug and alcohol testing under several circumstances, including:

· Prior to being hired

· Following a fatal trucking accident

· Reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol abuse

A driver who tests positive for drugs or alcohol, or refuses to be tested, must go through a structured education and treatment process - as well as pass a ...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, protecting consumers from unsafe food is a "winnable battle" that we're not completely winning.

The CDC reports that contaminated food kills thousands of people in the United States every year, and sickens millions more. It seems, then, that preventing foodborne diseases is an unsurmountable challenge. But the organization thinks otherwise. It put "Food Safety" on its list of "Winnable Battles" - a new report card of sorts on realistic efforts to reduce dangers to public safety.

The CDC outlines several challenges that ...


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