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The increasingly negative attitudes doctors hold today about their work could be affecting patient safety, according to a new survey.

Medscape, a medical issues website, recently published the findings of its Medscape Lifestyle Report, which annually investigates physicians’ work happiness.  This latest survey included 14,000 doctors, a group that encompassed more than 30 specialties.

More than Half of Physicians Reported Work Unhappiness

Over half – 51 percent – reported being burned out, which the survey authors define as a loss of enthusiasm, cynicism, and low ...

Defective medical devices can seriously injure patients.  It’s been recently documented that a type of medical device used regularly and repeatedly in hospitals may not receive adequate cleaning, and therefore may pose grave dangers as well.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the federal agency responsible for the safety of medical devices used throughout the country.  When a serious defect in a medical device becomes known, the FDA can issue a recall to minimize the harm.

According to the FDA, a defective medical device recall doesn’t always mean the device is no longer to be ...


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