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The newest annual statistics on fatal trucking accidents show that almost three-quarters of those killed in the United States are occupants in vehicles other than the trucks.

In February, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration released an overview report on the nation’s large truck accidents for 2015, the most recent reporting year.  The report states that 86 percent of the trucks involved in fatal accidents that year weighed over 13 tons.

This is one good explanation for why the overwhelming majority of those killed in big rig crashes are occupants in other ...

Do hospitals listen when parents report their concerns over their children’s medical treatment?  And do they document these family concerns?

JAMA Pediatrics recently reported the findings of a survey that compared the rates of family-reported medical errors to how often healthcare providers reported them and how often hospitals noted the incidents.

Researchers surveyed the parents of about 700 hospital patients who were 17-years old and younger.  They also surveyed the caregivers of the patients as well as reviewed hospital incident reports.  Four pediatric care facilities ...

Earlier this year the Missouri Department of Transportation challenged Missouri drivers to put down their cell phones.  In announcing this campaign to end distracted driving, MoDOT said that Missouri drivers are 23 times more likely to be in a serious crash when a texting driver is involved.

Yet, while the majority drivers acknowledge the dangers of distracted driving, a substantial percentage of drivers still do it, as well as engage in other reckless actions that could cause fatal car accidents.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released its 2016 Traffic Safety ...

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, loss-of-control accidents were responsible for almost 1,200 deaths between 2008 and 2014.  They accounted for about half of all fatal fixed-wing aviation accidents during that time.  And pilot error was the leading cause for such catastrophes.

Takeoff and Landing Aviation Accidents

A loss-of-control accident covers any incidence when an aircraft perilously departs from controlled flight.  Loss-of-control accidents pose the most dangers during initial climbing after takeoff, and landing approaches.  Bad weather can cause the ...


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