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Those of us who have cars that need servicing don’t always take them to a manufacturer’s dealership.  Concern that dealers are more expensive than independent repair shops is a common reason car owners do this.

But what about medical devices that need servicing?  Should hospitals and other healthcare facilities turn to non-manufacturers for repairs in order to protect their bottom lines?

The Food and Drug Administration regulates medical devices in the United States.  The FDA not only approves medical devices but also oversees their repair.  However, the agency’s protections ...

Last year, 15 people died in Missouri boating accidents.  And so far this year in the Show Me State – before the recreational boating season has begun in earnest – two people have lost their lives in boating accidents.

Recreational boating is a popular activity in Missouri.  This is not surprising given the abundance of recreational waterways in the state, including Mark Twain Lake, Bull Shoals Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks.  But busy waterways can be dangerous waterways when boat operators act irresponsibly.

Missouri Highway Patrol to Observe National Safe Boating Week

The ...

The fitness of truck drivers as well as the quality of medical professionals who gauge their fitness has recently been called into question.

Previous research identified that long-haul truck drivers are almost twice as likely to be obese compared to the rest of the adult population.  They also are more likely to smoke and suffer from other risk factors that lead to serious and chronic disease.

This is important for several reasons.

First, obese individuals are prone to sleep apnea, a disorder that disrupts sleep and therefore leaves a person very tired the next day.  So truckers who are ...


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