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Consumers just won a big victory in protecting their legal rights against big corporations.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the federal government’s watchdog for consumer interests – earlier this month finalized a new rule in favor of customers of banks and other financial companies.  The rule forbids these corporations from putting forced arbitration clauses in their new customer contracts.

Forced arbitration is exactly what it sounds like.  It prohibits customers from taking their disputes to court through class action lawsuits, and directs all such claims to ...

Which careless driving behavior causes more fatal accidents, drunk driving or speeding?

According to the federal government, they’re responsible for about the same number of car and truck crash deaths.  This is not to diminish the harm of drunk driving.  Rather, there may need to be a stronger effort to put the brakes on speeding drivers.

The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency responsible for investigating serious highway accidents and other crashes, recently published an outline of an in-depth study it conducted on motor vehicle accidents caused by ...

If you are admitted to a hospital for serious medical treatment, the doctor who knows you best may never see you.  Chances are your hospital care will be directed by a relatively new type of doctor called a hospitalist.

What are hospitalists, and do they endanger patient care in hospitals?

What is a Hospitalist?

It’s been estimated that today there are 50,000 hospitalists, making them the largest specialty group of internal medicine physicians.  Their rise began about 20 years ago. Rather than focus on one type of medical condition, hospitalists are trained in how hospitals in general ...

Over this past July 4th holiday weekend – June 30 through July 4 – 14 people were killed in Missouri fatal motor vehicle accidents.  Over the same holiday period last year, five people died in traffic crashes.

This alarming note from state law officials was preceded by a national look at safety practices in the Show Me State, which gave Missouri an “F” for protecting its citizens from preventable accidents, such as fatal car wrecks.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported nearly 500 truck and car accidents during the five-day 2017 Independence Day holiday period.  The big jump ...


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