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How much a patient weighs, or more importantly, how a patient is weighed may play a role in serious medical errors made in hospitals.

In the United States, the standard measure of weight is pounds.  However, for U.S. healthcare the metric system is the preferred standard.  Problems occur and patients may suffer great harm – even death – when this standard is not followed.

This is especially important in a hospital’s emergency room, when situations often dictate fast, accurate decisions.

40 Percent of Medication Errors are Wrong Dosage

Last year, the Emergency Nurses Association ...

Safety officials pulled over commercial trucks for surprise inspections earlier this year, putting nearly one out of every four big rigs out of commission due to maintenance violations.  And a sizeable number of truck drivers were taken off the road for serious safety abuses as well.

In June the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its annual International Roadcheck event, in which certified inspectors conduct roadside reviews of semis throughout North America.  The three-day event garnered 54,300 inspections of both commercial vehicles and drivers in the United States ...

Most of the time, experience really matters.  According to a new study, no more so than when it comes to avoiding serious surgical errors.

Researchers at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota recently published the findings of their study, which examined 10 years’ worth of medical malpractice cases.  More specifically, these medical malpractice lawsuits involved surgical residents – new physicians training to become surgeons.

The study’s 87 surgeries involving interns or residents were performed between 2005 and 2015.  All included some sort of serious error that led to a ...


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