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Among the federal government’s chief transportation safety concerns is the health of trucker drivers.  What is being done – and what’s not being done – to help ensure that truckers who have medical issues are kept off the road?

The National Transportation Safety Board publishes an annual “Most Wanted List” of its top safety advocacy priorities.  The NTSB’s Most Wanted List for 2017-2018 includes requiring the medical fitness of truck drivers and reducing fatigue-related truck crashes.

Tired Truck Drivers and Fatal Accidents

Over-the-road truck drivers generally ...

Only three U.S. states allow drivers to text and drive.  Missouri is one of them.

Given all the information that shows just how dangerous distracted driving is, should the Show Me State take another look at its texting and driving laws?

Who Can Text and Drive in Missouri?

Not all drivers in Missouri are allowed to text and drive.  Those 21 years old and younger cannot text while behind the wheel.  But anyone 22 years and older in Missouri can legally text and drive.  In Illinois it is against the law for any person of any age to use their cell phone for any reason while driving.

Commercial truckers of ...

According to media reports, four out of every 10 nursing homes across the country were charged with at least one serious patient care violation since 2013.  Yet, the federal government recently announced its intention to lessen financial fines on facilities found to have committed potential nursing home patient neglect.  Even when the negligent nursing home care resulted in a resident’s death.

The new diminished oversight policy toward nursing homes is in keeping with the federal administration’s view on regulating businesses: The less supervision the better.

Nursing Home ...


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