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A new survey reveals the true priorities of the trucking industry, and it’s not your safety.

The administration has blocked or repealed multiple federal truck safety regulations.  One such regulation was to equip big rigs with speed limiters.  At the same time, new federal data show that in 2016 – the latest year information was available – 35 percent of Missouri deaths in traffic crashes involved speeding drivers.

Speeding Truck Drivers

Tractor-trailer combinations weighing as much as 80,000 pounds driving faster than the highway speed limit take much longer to stop than ...

Medical errors reportedly are the third largest cause of death in the United States.  According to a leading medical research organization, a diagnostic error is the one that should concern patients the most.

The ECRI Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on research to improve medical safety and patient care.  Each year it publishes a list of the nation’s Top 10 patient concerns.  It does this by collecting a myriad of data sources, including actual events in which a patient’s safety was endangered during treatment.

Sitting atop its list of Top 10 Patient Concerns for 2018 is ...

Federal statistics show that the number of people killed in crashes with large commercial trucks jumped another 5 percent.

In February the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration released its latest safety report on the nation’s large trucks.  Large trucks are those that weigh more than 10,000 pounds.  The report is for 2016.

Nearly 28 Percent Increase in Truck Accident Deaths

Unfortunately, this newest data reflect a steady upward trend of fatalities from big rig crashes.  In 2016, 4,317 people died in trucking accidents, a 5 percent increase over 2015.  From 2009 to ...

If all U.S. hospitals followed the same safety procedures as the nation’s elite healthcare facilities, more than 100,000 hospital patient deaths would be prevented each year.  That’s the conclusion of a new study that named the nation’s top hospitals.

The Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals list was released in early March.  It’s an annual study from IBM that identifies America’s best hospitals using a variety of public data.

Measures of Hospital Patient Safety

The metrics used in this study to locate the nation’s safest hospitals include:

·         Patient survival rates - the top ...

We know about drunk drivers.  We know about texting drivers.  New evidence indicates there may be another group of drivers who cause a considerable number of serious accidents: tired drivers.

Tired Truck Drivers and Catastrophic Crashes

The dangers of fatigued truck drivers are well known.  Studies show that driver error is the leading cause of motor vehicle crashes.  Truckers who choose to on the road while fatigued are putting others at great risk.  That’s why there are federal rules as to how many hours a week over-the-road truckers can drive.

But what about tired car drivers?  It turns ...


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