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Diagnostic errors have been found to be the most abundant and most serious of all medical errors.  New research indicates that these mistakes may be prevented simply with better communication and respect from medical care providers.

In 2013, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reviewed 25 years of payouts in medical malpractice lawsuits (“25-Year summary of US malpractice claims for diagnostic errors 1986–2010: an analysis from the National Practitioner Data Bank”). The researchers determined that mistakes made with diagnoses – such as a ...

There is one thing to not be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

According to numerous studies, Thanksgiving is the one holiday period each year in which most deadly car crashes usually occur.  That’s because around that time is when we typically see a jump in dangerous and negligent drivers.

We may see even more drivers than usual on the road this Thanksgiving holiday. AAA forecasts that this will be the busiest driving Thanksgiving period since 2005, with 48.5 million people traveling via automobile between November 21 and November 25.

Careless Drivers Who Cause Accidents

More cars and ...

Driver error has been documented as the leading cause of serious commercial truck accidents.  But mechanical problems, such as defective truck brakes, were recently shown to be another major issue.

The most comprehensive research done on fatal truck accidents was conducted by the federal government over 10 years ago.  The “Large Truck Crash Causation Study” reviewed data and reports of nearly 1,000 deadly truck crashes to identify potential causes.

Driver Error and Poor Truck Maintenance Leading Causes of Fatal Truck Crashes

The study identified driver error as the number one ...

When one out of every 25 hospital patients develops a preventable infection in this country, there’s reason to worry about hospital safety.  That’s why one organization measures patient safety and just released its latest grades for hospitals in Missouri and the other 49 states.

Leapfrog is a non-profit that focuses on patient safety.  Twice a year it releases patient safety grades for the nation’s hospitals.  A panel of experts reviews publicly available data and measures the information in a number of ways, including patient harm.

Encompassing 28 criteria for hospital ...


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