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There’s one way for medical professionals to better prevent making serious errors during surgery: just follow the checklists. Surgical errors happen far too often, with catastrophic consequences for patients and their families.  These mistakes, which typically are categorized as “never events” – meaning they should never happen to patients – include:

·         Operating on the wrong patient

·         Operating on the wrong side of the patient

·         Performing the wrong surgical procedure

·         Operating on the wrong site of the patient

·         Surgical site infections

According to a report ...

Driving a big commercial tractor-trailer can be hard work.  Hauling a rig weighing up to 80,000 pounds for hours with no rest can physically and mentally tax just about anyone. So when it comes to being an unsafe trucker, which plays a bigger role – age or inexperience?

A study from earlier this year sought to answer that question.

In April the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released the study (“Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Risk Based on Age and Driving Experience”), citing a dire shortage of commercial truck drivers. The shortage is largely due to retiring older ...

According to a new study, paid for by the trucking industry, there may be over a quarter of a million commercial truck drivers using illegal or illicit drugs.

When are Commercial Truck Drivers Tested for Drug Use?

Per federal rules big rig truckers must be randomly tested for drugs.  Truckers subject to these tests include those who haul rigs weighing more than 26,000 pounds.  Truck driver drug testing is required under several other conditions, including:

·         Pre-employment: truck drivers must have a negative drug test prior to starting a new job

·         Following an accident: following any ...


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