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Because of the coronavirus, elective surgeries in many St. Louis hospitals are on hold.  But some surgeries can’t wait.  What are the necessary precautions to take for safe surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Four national medical groups recently announced a plan to avoid serious errors and patient harm during or following surgery.

The plan is an updated guide published previously this year by these four groups:

·         American College of Surgeons

·         American Society of Anesthesiologists

·         Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

·         American Hospital Association

With the ...

December is a month of holiday-related parties and festive gatherings, with alcohol consumption a common trait.  That is why for almost 40 years December has been deemed “National Impaired Driving Prevention Month." This year’s holiday celebrations may be muted because of COVID-19. But that does not in any way diminish the very real and present danger of drunk driving and drivers under the influence of drugs.

In June the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its most recent report on fatal drunk-driving crashes in Missouri and the other 49 states. Some of the ...

Hospital intensive care units provide the best, most sophisticated care for patients enduring the most serious medical conditions.  But a respected medical organization recently issued warnings about dangerous preventable complications certain ICU patients may needlessly suffer.

Hospital ICUs have been in demand most of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Patients suffering the most dire threats from the coronavirus are stretching thin ICU beds and resources in St. Louis, in Missouri, and all across the United States.

But in general, the patients most likely to require ICU ...

The findings of a fatal car crash federal investigation followed by new research warns of a threat that will certainly only grow more widespread in the future: distracted drivers relying too heavily on technology. In February of this year the National Transportation Safety Board announced the findings of its investigation into a 2018 California car crash that killed one person.  The person who died was the driver of a car on “autopilot.” The car crashed into a concrete median barrier, killing the driver.

Causes of Fatal Car Accident

The NTSB’s investigation determined there ...


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