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The highest court in the land recently sided with those who want to stop and punish a company’s bad acts.

In May the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that extends the time a whistleblower has to bring legal action against corporations that are defrauding the federal government.  More specifically, whistleblowers now have four more years to file False Claim Acts litigation, also known as qui tam lawsuits, in which the federal government decides not to join.

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, the statute of limitations for such qui tam cases was six years.  It is now 10, which is the same ...

Consumers just won a big victory in protecting their legal rights against big corporations.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the federal government’s watchdog for consumer interests – earlier this month finalized a new rule in favor of customers of banks and other financial companies.  The rule forbids these corporations from putting forced arbitration clauses in their new customer contracts.

Forced arbitration is exactly what it sounds like.  It prohibits customers from taking their disputes to court through class action lawsuits, and directs all such claims to ...


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