Gray, Ritter & Graham Files Class Action Regarding ATX 2012 Tax Software

Jason SappDon DowningGray, Ritter & Graham has filed a class action lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois, against Universal Tax Systems – doing business as CCH Small Firm Services – related to its ATX 2012 professional tax software. The ATX software is sold for the purpose of assisting individuals and businesses in preparing tax returns for their clients. The lawsuit alleges that the software sold for use in preparing tax returns for the 2012 tax year was not properly tested before sale and did not function correctly, causing purchasers to be unable to complete tax returns or greatly increasing the time necessary to complete returns. The class action seeks to recover damages incurred by all individuals and businesses that purchased the ATX 2012 software to prepare individual and business tax returns for the 2012 tax year.

GRG has extensive experience pursuing claim on behalf of consumers, including in class action cases. Don Downing and Jason Sapp will be handling this case on behalf of GRG. You may contact Don Downing or Jason Sapp of our office at 314-241-5620.