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Missouri Takes Steps to Reduce Fatal Pedestrian Traffic Accidents

By June 15, 2017April 23rd, 2018Blog, Car & Truck Accidents

With nearly 350 pedestrians killed in Missouri motor vehicle accidents in three years, it’s not surprising that community groups have joined in a new campaign promoting pedestrian safety in the Show Me State.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety kicked off its first-ever pedestrian awareness campaign on June 12, citing the 347 pedestrians who died and more than 1,000 others injured in Missouri traffic accidents between 2013 and 2016.

Safe Roadway Walking Tips

The group offers safety tips to roadway walkers, including:

·         Wear bright clothing

·         Do not walk with headphones or ear buds

·         Walk against rather than with the flow of traffic

But given the number of Missouri pedestrians killed or injured in car or truck crashes, educating walkers to safe practices is just one side of the equation.  The spotlight must also be put on careless drivers who hit pedestrians.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, a not-for-profit organization of state highway safety officials, the nation’s pedestrian deaths are trending upward.  In its preliminary report for 2016 (first six months of the year), the GHSA projects nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2016.  That’s an increase of about 12 percent – the largest one-year spike in 40 years.

The report also says that, from 2010 to 2015, pedestrian deaths climbed some 25 percent while all motor vehicle accident deaths rose 6 percent in the same time frame.

More health-conscious and environment-conscious individuals have led to more people walking.  Which means drivers need to be that more vigilant for this influx of pedestrians.

Negligent Driving Behaviors and Pedestrian Accidents

The GHSA, like the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, calls for a heightened public education campaign to accomplish this goal.  It recognizes that many states are addressing bad driving behaviors that can lead to killing walkers, including:

·         Drug or alcohol-impaired driving

·         Distracted driving

·         Aggressive driving

If estimates hold and final 2016 counts show 6,000 pedestrians killed in motor vehicle accidents, it will be the highest such number in over 20 years.  So efforts to reduce causes of fatal pedestrian accidents, like reckless driving behavior, in Missouri and throughout the United States apparently are needed.

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Authored by Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C., posted in Blog June 15, 2017