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What are the Nation’s Top Transportation Accident Dangers?

By February 18, 2014July 6th, 2018Car & Truck Accidents

Each year in this the country more than 35,000 people die in trucking, car, railroad, boat, and aircraft crashes. The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency charged with improving transportation safety in this country, recently came out with its list of top priorities for 2014. And they run the gamut of transportation dangers the nation faces.

Topping the list of the NTSB’s “Top 10 Most Wanted List” is improving safety in the nation’s rail transit system. Light rail trains carry millions of leisure passengers and commuters each day in St. Louis and other major cities across the United States. With so much traffic, light rail accidents pose the potential to be particularly dire.

Fatal Commuter Train Accidents

The agency’s concerns stem from fatal commuter train accidents in three U.S. cities that it’s currently investigating. In a news release announcing these transportation safety priorities, the NTSB emphasized the need for operators of light rail systems to embrace improvements in their safety culture and operational practices.

Boating safety is new to the agency’s annual list. The agency explains that its investigations into boating accidents resulting in death and severe injuries over the years reveal that they were typically caused by the negligence of the operator.

Distracted Drivers Factor into all Types of Transportation Accidents

Whether it’s a commercial trucking accident, train crash, or boating mishap, the NTSB also cites the increasing dangers of drivers distracted by cell phones as key contributing factors in all major modes of transportation accidents.

Negligent behavior by others is a running theme in this year’s concerns expressed by the NTSB. With so many people dying each year in transportation accidents, remedying their causes is an important responsibility of the federal government. If you or a loved one has been a victim in a catastrophic accident, an attorney can conduct an investigation to determine the cause and seek financial compensation for your damages from those responsible.