Compensation for Pesticide Accidents

Pesticides are a common — and dangerous — part of our lives. Pesticides are common in most facets of life, from farming and gardening to industrial work to home lawn care. However, pesticides are dangerous chemicals that could cause serious injuries or even death in the event of overexposure or ingestion. If you have suffered serious illness or injury as the result of a pesticide accident, talk with an attorney from Gray Ritter Graham, in Missouri.

Chemical and Herbicide Injury Attorney

Two of the most common causes of pesticide injuries and illnesses are:

  • Chemical spills: Major chemical spills can usually be tied to faulty equipment that was storing, transporting or spreading the pesticide, or negligence on the part of the employer or a third party.
  • Extended exposure: Working with pesticides or any other prolonged exposure to pesticides can cause skin blistering, blindness, breathing problems, major fatigue, muscle spasms and other side effects.

Fighting for Adequate Compensation

For pesticide injuries that occurred at work, like any other work-related injuries, the injured worker is generally entitled to workers' compensation, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. However, workers' compensation usually provides only a small percentage of the total cost of recovery, especially if the injuries are catastrophic and require long-term medical attention.

If your pesticide injuries resulted from employer negligence in Missouri, we might be able to bring a lawsuit against your employer to increase your compensation. In other cases, the negligent actions of a third party outside of your employer and co-workers might have caused the accident.

We will research the causes of the accident that resulted in your injuries or the wrongful death of your family member, and we will search out every possible avenue for recovery so that you get full and adequate compensation for your losses.

There is no cost to talk with one of our pesticide accident lawyers about your claim. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an attorney from our firm.

Herbicide and Pesticide Accidents Attorneys

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