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Meet our Class Action & Mass Tort Attorneys

Since 1946, Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis has built a reputation for effective representation of individuals and businesses harmed by others. Attorney Don Downing, former chief deputy attorney general for Missouri, leads our commercial litigation, class-action, and mass torts practice.

In every case we take, our commercial litigation attorneys utilize teamwork, extensive experience, and the confidence that comes from legal knowledge and thorough preparation. When you are our client, you are the most important part of our team. And, unlike most firms that handle commercial litigation, we often are willing to offer our services on a contingent fee basis. That means that if there is no recovery, you pay no attorney's fees. GRG attorneys Don Downing, Gretchen Garrison, Kaitlin Bridges, Jack Downing and Thomas Neill are all experienced and willing to help you with any potential class action or mass tort cases you may have.

Our Class Action & Mass Tort Attorneys Have The Experience You Need

Experience is particularly important with large, complex cases. For example, cases involving commercial disputes can involve millions of documents, numerous motions, extensive negotiations, and trials that sometimes last several weeks or months. When our trial lawyers commit to a case, we bring together all the resources necessary for effective advocacy for our clients.

Cases We Handle:

Consumer Fraud Class Actions

When a number of consumers are victimized in the same way, they sometimes can be part of a class action lawsuit to receive compensation for a company’s fraudulent behavior. Class representatives are selected to represent all class members, and most class members do not have to experience the burdens and costs of litigation. These large and complex cases require experienced legal counsel with the resources to bring such complicated litigation. At Gray Ritter Graham, we have obtained multi-million dollar settlements and judgments in a variety of class action cases.

Learn more on our consumer fraud class actions page.

Mass Tort Litigation

When a company harms many people, a mass tort action may be an available remedy. Although plaintiffs in a mass tort are part of a large group, each member is treated individually; for example, each must provide evidence and facts specific to their case about how they were injured by the defendant. The trial attorneys at Gray Ritter Graham have been the lead attorneys on a variety of mass tort, Multi-District Litigation (“MDL”) cases.

Learn more on our mass tort litigation page.

Agricultural Litigation

When big corporations make negligent or intentional decisions that cause financial harm to farmers, the farmers may be able to pursue claims and seek just compensation for their losses. The trial attorneys at Gray Ritter Graham have been lead attorneys for farmers on some of the largest agriculture-related class action and mass tort cases in US history, including cases against big corporations like Syngenta and Bayer/Monsanto. Those cases have resulted in verdicts and settlements totaling close to $3 billion.

Learn more on our agricultural litigation page.

Environmental Litigation

Dangerous pollution in the environment from contaminated air, water, or soil can have serious consequences on individuals and businesses. It can cause significant property damage and dire health problems. Sometimes, such harm can occur over a long period of time and may not be readily apparent. Our environmental litigation lawyers handle cases that involve dangerous exposure to asbestos, lead, gasoline, industrial solvents, chemicals and other harmful materials.

Learn more on our environmental litigation page.

Contact our Class Action & Mass Tort Attorneys

Obtaining justice can cost time and money – and our commercial litigation, class action and mass tort attorneys are willing to make that investment for cases that have merit and can make a difference for our clients.

Contact Gray Ritter Graham as soon as possible to review the facts and begin our investigation of your class action, mass tort, or business dispute. We represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, and nationwide.

"Together with the client, our commercial litigation group works as a collaborative team, with each member serving a critical role, to bring about the best possible representation."

- Jack Downing


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