Chemicals, Window Blinds, Gas Leaks and Other Dangers

Manufacturers of potentially dangerous household products must take proper measures to ensure that people can use their products as intended. Manufacturers or retailers that fail in their duty to create a safe product, or fail to adequately warn consumers of the potential risks, must be held responsible for their actions.

Deadly Household Products

At Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis, our product liability lawyers represent people who have been seriously injured by deadly household products.

  • Toxic chemicals are often used for cleaning. However, these products must be marked with appropriate safety warnings. These chemicals must have additional safeguards to prevent children from getting into the product, and have containers that prevent vapors from getting into the surrounding area.
  • Failure to warn about the dangers of chemical cleaners can result in lung injuries, brain injuries and poisoning from accidental ingestion.
  • Gas appliance leaks, faulty connectors, and faulty gas lines can ignite from a pilot light or from an electrical source. The result can be a gas explosion, leading to serious injury and wrongful death.
  • The cords on mini blinds can be a strangulation danger to a small child if the child gets caught in the cords.

Manufacturers need to be aware of how products are used in the home.

Manufacturers know how their products are used, and must provide the appropriate warnings and the appropriate safety mechanisms. Failure to do so means the manufacturer is putting people at risk of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can preserve the evidence and begin our investigation of your claim against defective household products. Our attorneys represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and throughout the region.

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