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If someone in your family suffered a serious head injury in a motorcycle crash, construction accident or bicycle-auto collision, your personal injury litigation team should investigate and assess the liability of every potential defendant in the case. Head injuries suffered while wearing a helmet might be the fault of the helmet manufacturer, as well as that of a negligent driver or property owner. The attorneys representing you should be just as capable of handling a product liability lawsuit as they are of handling a negligence claim against a driver or property owner.

St. Louis Helmet Defect Lawyers

At Gray Ritter Graham, in St. Louis, our 13 trial lawyers have the range of experience necessary to identify all of the liability possibilities raised by the facts of a given case, including traumatic brain injuries caused or aggravated by defective helmets. Contact us in St. Louis to learn how our experience in litigating product liability claims for head and brain injuries can benefit you and your family.

Helmet failure can turn an otherwise minor impact into a major injury, or a substantial blow into a fatal one. GRG attorneys represent recreational bicyclists, motorcycle riders, construction and industrial workers, and athletes in contact sports whose head injuries may have been caused or aggravated by defective helmets.

Here are some of the factors that can play a role in a defective helmet accident:

  • Defective design
  • Inadequate testing
  • Defective assembly
  • Improper refurbishing and testing of used helmets
  • Failure of visor or face-mask assemblies
  • Failure of buckles, straps or other devices to assure a proper fit

Our law firm has decades of experience investigating defective consumer, automotive and industrial products of all kinds, including helmets and safety equipment. Contact our attorneys in St. Louis for additional information about the scope of our practice.

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