St. Louis Attorneys for Electrocution Accident Claims

Accidents resulting in electric shock injuries can present distinctive problems for the victim's medical providers and legal team. Because the electrical current often causes both external and internal damage, the injured person can suffer a combination of consequences, including contact burns, neurological damage, orthopedic trauma secondary to convulsions, organ damage and even loss of brain function. Not all of these injuries may be evident during emergency treatment.

Our personal injury lawyers, experienced in investigating and proving negligence claims involving complex injuries from an electrical accident, can help ensure that the full range of your losses is correctly identified and presented. Contact Gray Ritter Graham, in St. Louis for a free consultation with attorneys who can meet the challenges inherent in electrical injury and electrocution death cases.

Missouri Electric Shock Injury Attorneys

As a firm capable of handling personal injury cases across a wide range of causation scenarios, GRG provides a breadth of experience that few Missouri practices can match. With a record of trial success that reaches back to the 1940s, we investigate, analyze and assess the value of claims against corporate or multiple defendants in construction accidents, industrial accidents, defective products cases and premises liability claims.Electric shock cases often raise difficult questions of proof when a manufacturer blames a property owner, who in turn blames a contractor for electrical injuries or an electrocution death. Our extensive experience and success with proving liability represents a significant advantage for our clients.Our St. Louis lawyers advise electrocution or shock victims and their families about their rights in electrical accidents under many different circumstances:

  • Defective machinery or equipment cases in industrial settings
  • Injuries suffered by utility workers at installation or repair sites
  • Construction accidents due to improper grounding, wiring or site preparation
  • Household electrical injuries caused by defective wiring or malfunctioning appliances
  • Electrical accidents on government or municipal property

Our familiarity with the proof of damages in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases allows us to develop strong and persuasive presentations on the full range of consequences in electrical accidents, from serious burns or heart problems to death by electrocution.

Case Result: GRG trial attorneys recovered $2.325 million in a jury verdict against a utility responsible for injuries suffered by three teenagers while swimming in a Jefferson County lake. One teen died and the others were seriously hurt when shocked by stray voltage passing through the water via corroded underground wires.

To learn more about our outstanding client service and success in electrical accident cases, contact Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis for a free consultation.

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