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Texting and Driving is Dangerous, but Some Young Drivers are Unconcerned

By October 22, 2013July 6th, 2018Car & Truck Accidents

We already know that young drivers are the most at-risk group when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. But a new study illustrates just how dangerous they can be in terms of distracted driving and, even worse, a lack of concern by some of them over the potential fatal consequences of their negligent behavior.

Two professors from Kings College in Pennsylvania conducted a research project focusing on the texting habits of college students. The results, recently published in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management, showed that an alarming four out of five college students texted while behind the wheel.

The survey included 120 male and female college students and sought to gain not only insight into how often they texted, but also how they perceived their own texting habits. M ale drivers as a whole felt that texting while driving was not a major concern for them. They felt their skills were up to the highly distracting task.

The average number of daily texts sent by the survey subjects was 82. Females sent a little more than that; the male subjects a little bit less. The co-eds were found to be more impulsive texters than males. However, they were more cautious about texting while driving.

Unfortunately, the results of this latest survey only reinforce previously known dangers. According to federal government statistics, 11 percent of drivers under 20 years old who were involved in a fatal car accident were distracted when the crash happened. Further still, 21 percent of drivers age 15-19 involved in fatal crashes were found to be using their cell phones at the time of the accident.

While texting and driving is a certain danger for young drivers, individuals of all ages at times can act negligently, either by texting or other bad behaviors. If you’re a victim of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident caused by someone else, an experienced attorney can help hold them responsible for their actions.