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Weather Conditions Make Walking Hazardous

By February 16, 2012July 24th, 2018Personal Injury

The recent snowfall and cold weather is a reminder that there is still a winter in
Missouri and Illinois. While it is nice to watch kids making snowmen, there are
hazards that accompany snow and ice. One of the most common is for a pedestrian to slip on ice.

There are many studies which have looked into this problem. One found that there are as many 3.5 injuries per 1,000 people as the result of slipping on ice. Another found that during periods of heavy snow and ice, broken bones occur at nearly three times the normal rate. These types of injuries don’t discriminate: women over fifty and men in their twenties suffered nearly the same rates of injury.

There are a number of ways to reduce injuries. First and foremost is to effectively clear the ice, snow and slush. Once cleared, salt or ice melt should be spread to prevent refreeze. Salt or even sand should also be used to provide traction for pedestrians. Pedestrians can consider wearing shoes that provide better slip resistance. Some people may want to consider wearing plenty of layers so that, in case they do fall, the padding will minimize the severity of the injuries.

Unfortunately, many people will get injured from slipping on snow and ice.
Sometimes, the fall is just the result of bad luck. But other times, the fall isn’t the result of bad luck, it’s the result of someone else’s bad planning. This is often seen when a company fails to take proper precautions to keep its parking lot or sidewalk clear for its customers. Under Missouri and Illinois law, a company that fails to act responsibly in clearing snow and ice for its customers may be held responsible for the injuries they cause.