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Gray, Ritter & Graham P.C.’s personal injury lawyers work closely with burn survivors to make sure they get the compensation they need for injuries caused by a fire, explosion or release of toxic chemicals. Our record of success includes our ability to pursue justice for our clients while coordinating their access to medical treatment, physical therapy and counseling services. For a free consultation about the range of our services in severe burn cases, contact our office in St. Louis.

We represent St. Louis victims suffering with Burn Injuries

It can take a very long time to recover from burn injuries. Successive rounds of surgery and convalescence can take several years, and the point of maximum medical recovery might still leave the patient with extensive scarring, disfigurement, and limited use or loss of limbs and organs.

People who have undergone the ordeal of severe burns also face psychological concerns related to the pain of the injuries and treatment, isolation during periods of immobility and intensive care, and depression. GRG’s St. Louis burn injury attorneys take into full account the range of issues that survivors and their families face, and we make sure that your demand for damages is completely documented and supported by expert testimony.

Missouri Burn Accident Lawyers

We represent clients who suffered serious burns under many different kinds of negligent circumstances:

While there is usually no dispute as to the severity of a burn victim’s injuries, there will often be substantial disagreement as to the amount necessary as adequate compensation. Our attention to detail on both the liability and damages side of your case can protect you from the risk of an insufficient settlement before your injuries and future treatment needs are completely understood.

Case Result: Our attorneys negotiated a $6.5 million settlement for a Missouri lead smelter worker who was burned with sulfuric acid when the hose ruptured during transfer of the chemical from an on-site storage tank to a barge.

For more information about your GRG legal team’s ability to deliver outstanding client service in a severe burn case in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas or Arkansas, contact Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis for a free consultation.

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