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Property Damage and Personal Injury Caused by Toxic Chemicals

Those exposed to toxic chemicals may suffer devastating injuries. The dangerous pollution – from contaminated air, soil or water – can inflict significant property damage as well as dire health consequences. And the injuries to health and property may not be readily apparent, occurring over a long period of time. So those exposed to toxic chemicals should explore their legal rights to hold the polluters accountable.

Our lawyers have experience in handling complex environmental cases.

The attorneys at Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis have experience with major environmental law cases, representing both individuals and businesses injured by toxic exposure. We have access to environmental experts, and the financial resources to fund complex environmental litigation.

The cases we’ve handled include exposure to:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Gasoline
  • Industrial solvents

Here are a few specific examples of our work on behalf of those injured by toxic chemicals.

  • We represent people who live near the Doe Run smelter in Missouri and have experienced medical problems caused by lead emissions from the plant. The residents are especially concerned about children who have elevated lead levels in their blood. Lead contamination has been shown to harm a child’s development, affecting the brain and other vital organs.
  • Contamination by dangerous substances, experienced by Doe Run residents, can reduce the value of homes. We represent numerous property owners in the area to obtain compensation for the reduction in their property values.
  • A coal mining company sold off environmental cleanup property claiming that the coal slurry from the mine could more than offset environmental liabilities. The property could not be mined, but the buyer was still liable for the environmental problems. We represent the buyer.

We provide free initial consultations, and then handle our clients’ cases on a contingency basis. If you, a family member or your business has been exposed to dangerous chemicals or substances, contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin our investigation into your case.

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