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Auto defects have two primary causes: defective design and defective manufacturing. If an auto defect caused an accident with serious injuries, talk to our personal injury attorneys, who have extensive experience in holding manufacturers accountable for their mistakes.

Auto Defect Lawyers

At Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis, we represent people who have been seriously injured in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and the surrounding area. Our personal injury attorneys have the resources to thoroughly investigate  motor vehicle accidents and determine all the causes — including auto defects.

  • A steering wheel with a tendency to lock up, a floor mat that catches the accelerator and keeps it down, or an engine defect that causes the accelerator to suddenly open up are all auto defects that cause serious accidents.
  • A quick turn should not cause an SUV rollover, but if a design defect has placed the center of gravity too high, dangerous rollovers happen.
  • Some convertibles have built-in safety features (roll bars and head rests designed to pop up in an accident), but if these features fail to work, the result can be serious injury.
  • Some pickup trucks have built-in stability issues caused by uneven weight distribution.
  • A car’s crashworthiness is in question when minivan doors pop open on impact, when a roof crushes because of pillar failure, when the driver and passengers are ejected in a crash, when the seat belts or air bags fail, or when the gas tank is in an unsafe position relative to the car’s bumper.

We make claims against manufacturers when unsafe designs cause injuries.

At GRG, we help clients who have been seriously injured by auto defects. Our work, and the work of other lawyers, forces auto manufacturers to pay for the injuries they have caused and recall motor vehicles with defects to prevent further injuries.

It costs nothing to call and ask for a personal injury attorney to review your case. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can preserve the evidence and begin our investigation.

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