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When large commercial trucks crash into other vehicles, the consequences of those crashes are often catastrophic. Frequently, the drivers of semi-trucks do not suffer injuries when they crash because the size and weight of their trucks spare them from harm.

However, when truck drivers and fleet owners are at fault in serious accidents, it is more often the motorists hit by the trucks who tend to pay the price in terms of catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers often crash ...

Truck drivers impaired by drugs are a problem in the United States. So much so that they've captured the attention of the federal agency responsible for investigating our country's catastrophic transportation accidents.

The National Transportation Safety Board recently published its 2016 "Most Wanted List" - an annual compilation of what it sees are the nation's critical air, railway, and roadway safety issues. Drivers on drugs made this year's list.

The NTSB argues that, while drunken driving ...

Medical errors are coming to light, 140 characters at a time.

Medical researchers recently analyzed Twitter, the highly popular social media channel that allows users to share brief communications on any subject. The messages are limited to 140 characters. The researchers were looking at Twitter for insights into mistakes by physicians and those who were hurt by them.

Searching Twitter using phrases they determined were linked to medical malpractice and patient safety, researchers ...

Rural hospitals are performing more joint-replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, it appears that patients are more likely to die following these surgeries at the smaller hospitals than patients at larger facilities.

What is a Critical-Access Hospital?

The smaller hospitals are called critical-access hospitals. They're certified as such by the federal government based on several criteria, including:

· A rural location - no closer than 35 miles away from another healthcare facility

· ...


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