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One troubling aspect of an impending and much anticipated rare spectacle is putting a spotlight on preventable consumer product injuries that occur far too often in this country.

August 21 is the day for a total solar eclipse that has rightfully experienced much hype.  This eclipse will be the first in almost 40 years in which the moon’s shadow traverses exclusively across the United States.  We in St. Louis and nearby communities will be in or very near the direct path of the eclipse, providing a great viewing experience.

But viewing solar eclipses can be dangerous.  Looking at the sun ...

How many commercial tractor-trailers on the road today have unsafe brakes?  The results of a surprise inspection event provide some perspective, and genuine cause for concern.

In May 2017, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held an unannounced, one-day set of roadside inspections of commercial trucks on what it called “Brake Safety Day.”   Inspectors for CVSA, a non-profit coalition of safety and law enforcement officials, were concerned mostly with the braking systems on the big rigs they pulled over. The majority of inspections were held in the United States, with the ...

Among the many types of catastrophic medical mistakes that occur, surgical errors can be the most dire.

Every surgery poses risks to a certain degree.  But there are mistakes in surgery that should never occur.  These “never events” include:

·         Wrong site surgery

·         Operating on the wrong patient

·         Performing the wrong procedure on a patient

A study published in JAMA Surgery estimated that as many as 2,700 wrong-site, wrong-procedure and wrong-patient surgical errors occur each year.  The authors note that such surgical mistakes probably are underreported.  This is a claim bolstered ...


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