Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Focused on Client Needs Since 1946


Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Focused on Client Needs Since 1946


Representing Those Injured by Medical Malpractice

Doctors and hospitals make mistakes. When these mistakes result in serious injuries or even death, it is rare for these parties and their insurance companies to admit error, even when liability appears to be obvious. Getting to the truth in a medical malpractice case requires a law firm with a strong medical background and decades of experience — such as Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C., in St. Louis.

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GRG has attorneys with substantial experience with medical malpractice; nurse paralegals on staff who review medical records and a strong network of medical experts.

We are fully prepared to help clients harmed by medical malpractice.

Damages can be significant in medical malpractice cases. Those injured by the error of a medical professional need and deserve compensation that can help them recover from the harm done by doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals.

In the past, lawyers at GRG represented physicians and hospitals, thereby gaining a unique understanding of their perspectives and strategies. We made a decision many years ago to focus our law firm only on the plaintiffs’ side — representing injured people and the families of wrongful death victims — and have put that unique insight to work for them.


If medical negligence has caused serious harm to you or a loved one, call us and let us help you. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can preserve the evidence and begin our investigation. We represent clients in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and the surrounding region.

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