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Apparently, one out of 10 large commercial trucks on the road has dangerously bad breaks, and in general two out of every 10 have some sort of serious violation of safety standards.

2017 Brake Safety Day was held on September 7, conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.  The CVSA is a coalition of motor vehicle safety experts and law enforcement officials in the United States and Canada.

CVSA inspectors on that day conducted random roadside inspections of tractor-trailers and commercial motorcoaches.  The nearly 7,700 inspections were held in 31 U.S. states as well as in a ...

When it opposes technologies designed to prevent fatal trucking accidents, the trucking industry typically argues that they aren’t cost-effective.  Lobbyists often contend the financial costs exceed what would be prevented – in terms of lives, serious injuries, and property.

A respected traffic safety organization put that argument to the test, providing a cost-benefit analysis of several safety systems that could save many lives lost in truck crashes.

Leading Cause of Fatal Trucking Accidents is Human Error

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released the ...

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 90 Americans die each day from overdosing on opioids. What role do medical errors play in today’s growing abuse of opioids?

These powerful painkillers are highly addictive. A one-time dosage has the potential to lead to lifelong misuse. That makes their prudent role in pain treatment so vital.  An opioid prescription error can be just as deadly as other types of serious medical mistakes, like misdiagnosis or errors during surgery.

Because opioids are so addictive, the common practice is to limit their prescription. The Centers of ...


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