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The nation’s growing opioid abuse crisis has been well documented.  As one response, the federal government recently published an educational guide for doctors on how to properly prescribe the powerful painkillers.

According to preliminary estimates, opioid overdoses may have killed well over 60,000 people in 2017.  Medication errors are a leading type of serious and preventable medical mistakes.  As the data suggest, when doctors aren’t careful in prescribing opioids, the results can be fatal for some patients.

In January, the Food and Drug Administration published what it ...

According to one measure, Missouri is just about the most dangerous state in which to drive.

WalletHub, a financial services website, recently rated all 50 states based on their respective driving conditions.  Texas rated the best, Hawaii the worst.  Missouri landed in the bottom half at 28.  However, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The ratings were based on scores the evaluators compiled in a number of categories.  While the Show Me State rated highly in a few of them, it ranked low enough in two categories that relate to motor vehicle crashes to end up with the bottom-half finish.

Those who suffer from depression know just how damaging the condition can be in all aspects of daily life, from personal relationships to on-the-job performance.  Burned out physicians are not spared these consequences.  And many times neither are their patients.

A recent survey by Medscape, a leading online source of medical news and reporting, divulged an alarming number of physicians who report they are depressed or burned out.  A little more than four out of every 10 doctors of the 15,543 surveyed said they were burned out.  Another 15 percent said they suffered from depression ...


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