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Missouri has been given an “F” for safety, with a big portion of this failing grade due to dangerous driving habits.

The National Safety Council is a not-for-profit agency that promotes safety to prevent deaths in the workplace, in the home, and on our nation’s roads.  It recently published its “The State of Safety” report for 2018.  It measured safety issues for those three areas – workplace, home and road – issuing category grades for each state in the nation.

Fatal Car Accidents in Missouri

The Show-Me State was shown an F for road safety, ranking 49th out of our 50 states ...

Nursing home residents and their loved ones often face unsettling times.  The medical care they receive tops the list of such worries.  Unfortunately, a new look at nursing home medical care may do little to sooth anyone’s concerns.

When nursing home residents suffer a major illness – such as an infection – they often are sent to hospitals for medical care.  Kaiser Health News this month published a report that revealed the alarming dangers when nursing homes make this process a revolving door.  (It also last year reported that nursing homes often ignore necessary steps to prevent ...

A leading truck safety organization recently conducted an educational event on unsafe truck brakes.  And with good reason, as defective brakes are a leading cause of catastrophic trucking accidents.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance – a nonprofit group of safety groups and law enforcement agencies – conducted its first-ever Brake Safety Symposium in mid-May.  According to the CVSA, the goals included educating truck drivers, truck mechanics, and fleet safety directors on proactive brake maintenance, and to ultimately reduce truck accidents caused by unsafe brakes.

Fires that seriously burn or kill surgical patients can and do break out in operating rooms.

This preventable medical error happens more often than most people probably think.  Better known surgical errors are wrong site surgery, in which the surgeon operates on the wrong part of the patient’s body, and surgical instruments left behind in a patient.  Some estimates show, however, that surgical fires occur about as frequently as either of them.

Because they do occur and because they are preventable, the Food and Drug Administration published guidelines for surgical personnel to ...


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