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The number of medical malpractice lawsuits with multi-million-dollar payments to victims has risen significantly over the last 10 years in the United States.

That’s one of the findings in a recently released study of medical malpractice lawsuits by CRICO Strategies, “Medical Malpractice in America: A 10-year Assessment with Insights.”  CRICO Strategies insures Harvard University medical institutions.

Researchers reviewed 124,000 medical malpractice lawsuits between 2007 and 2016; about 30 percent of all claims filed in that timeframe.  The report notes that these ...

Medical errors constitute the third leading cause of death in the United States.  It’s been estimated that a doctor’s misdiagnosis is the most serious of all preventable medical errors.

The impacts of misdiagnoses are felt widely every day.  According to the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, 12 million Americans are affected by diagnostic errors each year.  And a third suffers serious harm from a misdiagnosis.

Wrong, Delayed or Missed Diagnosis

That harm comes from three types of misdiagnoses – delayed, wrong or missed diagnosis. The difference between a wrong ...

Electronic logging devices that record truckers’ working hours were legally mandated in December 2017 in an effort to reduce fatal truck crashes.  While more commercial truckers are now adhering to federal hours of service rules, more apparently are engaging in other risky driving behaviors and so the number of catastrophic trucking accidents hasn’t fallen.

Fatigued truckers can cause serious crashes.  That’s why the maximum hours they can work during the week – as well as rest periods – are limited by federal law.  Until late 2017, commercial truck drivers recorded their ...


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