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According to a new survey, there are today hundreds of thousands of commercial truck drivers who would fail a drug test or would refuse to take one for fear of failing.

The report, which warns that some 300,000 truckers may be under the influence of illegal drugs, comes from the Trucking Alliance, a group of trucking companies that is focused on improving safety and preventing fatal truck crashes.

Federal law mandates the drug testing of commercial truck drivers.  It only compels trucking companies to use urine testing.  Hair testing is commonly accepted as a more stringent test and a ...

New evidence suggests that nearly half of doctors today are unsure about their diagnoses.  This is especially alarming given that one of the most common and harmful medical errors is a patient misdiagnosis.

A study (“Reflections on Diagnosis and Diagnostic Errors: a Survey of Internal Medicine Resident and Attending Physicians”) recently published on the website of the Journal of General Internal Medicine deals with medical misdiagnosis, examining doctors’ perception of this frequent medical mistake.

Researchers surveyed nearly 240 doctors in Connecticut in an effort ...

The highest court in the land recently sided with those who want to stop and punish a company’s bad acts.

In May the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that extends the time a whistleblower has to bring legal action against corporations that are defrauding the federal government.  More specifically, whistleblowers now have four more years to file False Claim Acts litigation, also known as qui tam lawsuits, in which the federal government decides not to join.

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, the statute of limitations for such qui tam cases was six years.  It is now 10, which is the same ...


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