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After a recent decline in one type of serious hospital-acquired patient infection, recent evidence shows that this largely preventable condition may be on the climb once more.

Hospital-acquired infections are not rare but often can be life-threatening.  Such infections are the direct result of medical treatment patients receive.  They include:

·         Surgical site infections – occur in the part of the body that was operated on and can spread throughout the body to harm organs

·         Urinary tract infections – typically transferred to a patient from an unclean urinary catheter

·         Blood ...

According to the “Large Truck Crash Causation Study,” the federal government’s most exhaustive research into fatal tractor-trailer accidents, the leading cause of such crashes is driver error. But another major contributor is improperly maintained commercial trucks, which recently was proven a common condition on today’s roads.

Driver Error Causing Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accidents

That federal study attributed nearly nine out of 10 fatal commercial truck crashes to a driver mistake or negligent action.  These included:

·         Driver falling asleep

·         Driver inattentive

·         ...

When something goes wrong in surgery and the unthinkable occurs – such as the patient dying - chances are it is due to a mistake made by someone on the surgical team.

The results of a new survey recently published online by JAMA Network Open (“Analysis of Human Performance Deficiencies Associated with Surgical Adverse Events”) show that more than half of surgical adverse events are the result of human error.

Researchers reviewed the records of 5,365 patients who underwent surgery over a six-month period and found that 182 patients suffered an adverse event during the procedure ...


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