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After finding 12,000 commercial trucks with bad brakes and other serious maintenance issues earlier this summer, the same safety group handed out tickets to almost 1,500 speeding truck drivers just a few weeks later.

In June the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its annual roadside inspections of tractor-trailers throughout the United States and Canada.  The CVSA is a consortium of law enforcement agencies and other organizations focused on making commercial truck travel safer. In a three-day period in early June, the CVSA inspected 67,072 semis as part of its effort to ...

Some patients going through post-operative pain may become victims of overprescribed opioids.  What can and should be done to prevent potentially dangerous opioid prescriptions?

Opioids are strong painkillers typically derived from the opium plant.  Common opioid painkillers include:

·         Hydrocodone

·         Oxycodone

·         Fentanyl

·         Morphine

They have been in the news much over the last few years as fatal opioid overdoses have become a national health scourge.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 130 Americans each day die from an opioid abuse.

Opioid Lawsuits

Lawsuits across ...

In just three days this past summer more than 12,000 commercial tractor-trailers were taken off the road because they needed serious repairs.

Each year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts a three-day event of commercial truck roadside inspections in the United States and Canada.  The CVSA is a not-for-profit consortium of safety and law enforcement officials.  The group’s goal is to make commercial truck transportation safer.

This year’s event, called International Roadcheck and held June 4-6, is one annual step toward reaching that goal.  It’s significant ...

Research published in July concluded that one out of every 20 hospital patients is a victim of a preventable medical error.  And more than one out of those 10 suffered serious harm or died as a result.

The study (“Prevalence, Severity, and Nature of Preventable Patient Harm across Medical Care Settings: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”) was published in the British Medical Journal and was global in scope, encompassing a review of some 70 other medical error studies.

Medication Errors, Surgical Errors Most Common Medical Mistakes

Researchers found that medication errors ...


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